1. Water Dispenser
    2. Water Dispenser

      Our drinking water dispensers can be used in different occasions: houses, schools, offices, factories as well as any public places etc..

    1. Filling Machine
    2. Filling Machine

      Our hot drink filling machines and isobaric filling machines are suitable to be used in beverage production factories.

    1. Water Treatment Equipment
    2. Water Treatment Equipment

      J&D household water treatment equipment and water vending machines are core equipment in communities...

    1. Packaging Equipment
    2. Packaging Equipment

      Imported PLC control system guaranteed stable and accurate performance of our packaging machinery and packing machines.

About Us

Drinking water equipment, water treatment equipment, and packaging equipment are our business. Since 1996, we have provided a wide range of machines and accessories to our international customers:

--Hot and cold water dispensers
--Liquid filling machines (mineral water filling machines, beverage filling machines, and oil filling machines)
--Pure water treatment equipment
--Mineral water treatment machinery
--Seawater desalinators
--Shrink packaging machinery (shrink wrap machines)
--Auto Shrinkable Label Inserting Machines
--Bottle Blow Molding Machines & Plastic Injection Machines

With our wide range of products, we provide complete bottled water production lines or bottled beverage production lines, etc. Related machinery accessories are also available.
In order to improve our product quality and management systems, we have introduced production technologies from Germany, the USA, Italy, the UK, and others. The majority of our water dispensers, packaging machines, liquid filling machinery, and water treatment machinery are CE, TUV, GS, ETL, UL, SASO, ROHS, and CSA certified and is widely used in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, etc. Additionally, we provide customer support services (machine installation and operator training) to each of our customers.
For more detailed information about Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd., please contact us directly at +86-755- 883-1071.

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